Methods for Removing Pesky Stumps

Removing a stump from your yard can be a chore. Trees are relatively immovable objects, making stump removal difficult and labor-intensive. If you have a stump on your property, there are a few methods for removing it: manual, grinding, or chemically.

Manual Removal

Manually removing your stumps is the most labor-intensive method of removal. When you dig out a stump, you’ll need to expose the roots around the base of it before cutting them with an ax or saw. Once the roots are cut, you can pull the stump up with a lever or pulley system and haul it away. This removal method is exhausting and time-consuming, which leads many homeowners to call a tree service to finish the job. Because of how much work is involved, manual removal should be reserved for small stumps.

Stump Grinding

One of the most common methods of removal for stumps is grinding. Stump grinding is primarily done by professionals, as it requires the use of a specialized machine. When the grinder is placed on the stump, it slowly cuts away at it until the surface is below ground. Stump grinding is far less labor- and time-intensive than digging, and often leaves a smoother result.

Chemical Solutions

For homeowners who aren’t in a rush to remove the remains of their tree, a chemical stump remover is an option. A few holes are drilled into the center of the stump and then filled with the chemical remover. Over time, the wood will begin to decay and turn into a soft texture that is easy to cut away. While this form of stump grinding takes a few months to a year, it is the least labor-intensive option.

Overall, getting rid of a stump can be tricky. If you have a stump that you want to be removed, your best option may be to contact a tree service for an estimate. While you could do it yourself, stump grinding is exhausting and time-consuming work that is best left to the professionals.