Tree Services Every Homeowner Should Know About

Whether you just moved into a house with trees on the property or have lived in your home and planted trees over the years, you know the small plants can grow into nature’s towering creations. Like everything else in life, trees can require maintenance to keep them healthy and strong and protect your home. Here are some tree service options every homeowner should know about.

Removing the Tree

Trees can get sick, lightning can strike them, and old age can ruin their branches. If you find your once-healthy tree needs to be removed, call an arborist or tree technician. The company will have the specialty tools required to cut down any tree you may have in your yard. You can even make arrangements to have them remove the dead wood.

Trimming the Tree

Just as you need haircuts occasionally, so do your trees. By removing the dead growth, you protect the healthy branches and leaves from damaging insects and disease. Some tree service professionals recommend trimming your tree twice a year – spring and fall.

Removing the Stump

Some people cut down dead trees, but they are left with a tree stump they have no idea how to remove. With miles of possible roots under the ground, it takes a knowledgeable technician to take on the task. If you have a tree stump to deal with, call a tree service.

Planting New Trees

Before you order a tree for your yard, talk to someone in your area that knows which trees thrive and which struggle once planted. You can also ask the tree technician where to plant the tree to best protect your home’s foundation, your sewer lines, and the city’s water channels from invasive roots.

Tree services are valuable contacts if you have trees around your home. Let the technicians take care of your trees, so you don’t have to worry about them.